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The story of Gwadyrbelles

Invitation to travel

The name Gwadyrbelles comes from the contraction of the phrase: "Guadeloupe is beautiful".

Indeed this island inspires me by its vegetation, its colors, its  fruits but also by the blue of the sea.

Since day one, we have been doing everything we can to expand our product offering and improve our customers' shopping experience. We are proud to have arrived where we are and remain determined to always do better.

  travel through our article gallery and experience Gwadyrbelles. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions.

 Our events 

Be the most beautiful !

Gwadyrbelles,  shop  costume jewelry,  pays particular attention to the finishing of his creations.  These are jewelry  in polymer clay that will enchant you with their colors  and their originality.  find models for all your outfits.  Have a nice trip to Gwadyrbelles.